Weekends and Holidays

Weekends and Holidays  I know sometimes when we are trying to lose weight we actually dread the weekends or the holidays. It’s easy to be structured Monday to Friday and be in a routine with work, exercise and eating. You are in your calorie deficit and on track to lose weight and then Boom! It’s … Continue reading Weekends and Holidays


Just do it!  We are ultimately shaped by the environment we are in. You will notice when you are in certain environments you behave in certain ways. You could be the most positive person but if you surround yourself with moaners and whiners on a daily basis you will start to fall into this way … Continue reading JUST DO IT!


To lose body fat/weight we need to be at a calorie deficit which sometimes means reducing your food intake slightly so it's important to keep yourself feeling satisfied and full when you consume calories. 🐥Here we have 110g chicken breast which is around 115 calories and 24g protein. 💪🏻 We also have a 30g scoop … Continue reading Protein