Where to start?

Well my name is Simon Kennedy and I’m behind SiFit Personal Training and also one of the owners of The Club Gym.  I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years now and I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve unbelievable results with their bodies, fitness and minds. Transformations

I have various qualifications including a degree in Sport and Exercise Science but I wont bore you too much with these. I do feel like my experience working with real people has taught me more than any Degree possibly could. I have worked with so many different people over the years and learned that not 1 person is the same. This has taught me to really connect with each person in order to help them achieve amazing things, not only with their bodies but also with their mindset.

I’m from the Highlands and I’ve been involved in sport my entire life, played shinty in my younger days then started racing Motocross at the age of 14. Ive raced at national level for over 10 years now and I’ve won a few Highland championships. This love for sport lead me to college where I studied for an HND in fitness , Health and Exercise and then onto a degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

Once I had finished university I started as a Fitness instructor at a gym in Inverness then moved to Glasgow to get my first job as a Personal Trainer. The rest is history, I’ve now been doing this successfully for 10 years now and have recently opened my own gym The Club Gym with 2 other very successful personal trainers.

My own fitness journey started out to improve my fitness for racing motocross but over the least 3 years I’ve gotten involved more with fitness model/men’s physique competitions. I won my second ever show which then lead to me being invited to an international event where I placed 3rd. I was the top placed UK competition and so as a result I was invited to Boston as part of team UK to compete at the world championships where I placed 5th. During this time I also won Miami Pro in London. This was a very successful few months for me and it has helped me learn so much which I’ve been able to use with my clients. I have walked the walk so to speak and so I fully understand the mental process of changing habits and working towards changing your body.

I truly believe this is all about having a balanced lifestyle, life is for living and enjoying. We can achieve the body we want and still enjoy the nice food and occasional drink.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you wish to as me anything at all please don’t hesitate to contact me Contact.

Simon Kennedy