Weekends and Holidays


Weekends and Holidays 

I know sometimes when we are trying to lose weight we actually dread the weekends or the holidays. It’s easy to be structured Monday to Friday and be in a routine with work, exercise and eating. You are in your calorie deficit and on track to lose weight and then Boom! It’s the weekend and you have nights out and more temptations due to different environments. It is hard but it is 100% possible to go out for dinner and socialise, even have a few drinks and stay on track for your calorie deficit. 

My tips :

1 – look at your calories over a 7 day period rather than day by day. If you have a night out on Saturday then take a couple of hundred calories off your intake on thurs, Friday and add these extra calories to Saturday. This gives you an extra 400 calories to play with on Saturday and will still allow you to remain in your deficit over the 7 day period. 

2 – Dont cut out foods you like, if you deprive yourself off the things you like then you are more likely going to binge on these at the weekend. Allow yourself some chocolate or a biscuit or 2 mid week and this will stop you from feeling like you need to eat 4 chocolate bars and a packet of biscuits at the weekend. 

3 – Make your own mind up. Don’t give in to peer pressure, if you are out socialising and enjoying yourself then it shouldn’t matter to anyone else what you have on your plate or in your glass. This is their own way of making themselves feel better about having the cheesecake. If you have set a fat loss goal then just be calories conscious, by all means enjoy yourself and go for dinner. Just make better choices. 

I hope this helps a bit guys. If you have any questions just fire away. 

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