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Just do it! 

We are ultimately shaped by the environment we are in. You will notice when you are in certain environments you behave in certain ways. You could be the most positive person but if you surround yourself with moaners and whiners on a daily basis you will start to fall into this way of thinking and talking. I’ve seen it so many times. So change your environment if you have to. 

If you have a goal then go for it. It’s probably not too big. Stop telling yourself you can’t do something or surrounding yourself with moaners and negative idiots. 

We live in a world where crazy unbelievable shit happens all the time. 

I bet when the dude at google said he wanted to map out every single street and road on the planet people thought he was mental. It didn’t stop him doing it. Now we have google maps. 

If you want to transform your body then I can assure you that it IS possible, people are doing it every day. 

So the next time you have a thought of “oh its too hard, ill never be able to do that” then just think that we put men on the moon and America elected trump to run their country. 

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