Is Fruit stopping you losing weight?

IMG_6766Is fruit stopping you losing weight??

I love fruit and I do think it should be part of peoples diets as it provides great sources of nutrients and vitamins. I do however think that a lot of people over eat fruit because they think its better than eating biscuits, which it is to a degree.

I have had clients over the years who say they eat 5-6 bits of fruit a day to stop them snacking on sweeties and chocolate, now the problem here is that 5-6 bits of fruit consisting of 2 apple, 2 bananas, 100g grapes and 2 tangerines is around 500 calories. This is completely fine if you account for these calories in your daily intake but a lot of people won’t do this as they think “ah well its fruit, its good for me”.

Fruit is good for you but if you are on a fat loss plan then this extra 500 calories is more than likely stopping you losing weight, this is an extra 3500 calories over a week that you aren’t counting and will be the difference between getting results and not.

If you are looking to lose fat/weight then I would recommend tracking your intake for 3-4 days to see exactly how many calories you are consuming. You may be surprised that all that fruit is hindering your progress.

Now this not only goes for fruit, it applies to any food. If we did the exact same with protein it would have the same effect on weight loss.

If we eat 4000 calories worth of chicken or we eat 4000 calories worth of pizza we will more than likely still gain wait.

Just be more conscious of your calorie intake.

Food for thought.

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