Facebook or Myfitnesspal

Facebook or Myfitnesspal?

If you are looking to lose weight or gain a better understanding of nutrition then quit wasting time on Fb and get on myfitnesspal.

Ive heard it a million times before that people don’t have time to track their food. This is obviously rubbish as the same people will be scrolling through their FB for hours a day.

I am not suggesting you track your food every day for the rest of your life but if your goal is fat loss / weight gain then it is important to to know that you are on track to achieve these goals

To gain weight we need to be on a surplus of calories

To lose weight we need to be at a deficit

Download myfitnesspal and track your food for 2 weeks to really see what you are consuming as you may be surprised at how many calories are in certain food.

Instead of jumping on FB use that time to record your food intake on myfitnesspal app, you can scan barcodes and add any kind of food you can imagine.

Very straight forward and easy to use

This is a great way to help achieve your goals and it doesn’t have to be forever.

Once you have done it for a couple of weeks you will know roughly what your intake is and can adjust accordingly to your goals.

So sacrifice a few minutes a day on FB and get onto myfitnesspal to get you going in the right direction.


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