Choosing your gym

img_2367Choosing your new gym

Choosing your new gym is an important part of your life, it has to be a place that makes you want to keep going. It has to inspire you and motivate you. Basically this is the place you will go to de-stress away from life, a place to work hard, a place to really give you a better life so make sure you take the time and choose wisely. Below are my top 5 things to consider when choosing your gym:

1 – Staff

This can truly make or break a gym. For most people entering a new gym can be very daunting and this can all be helped by a friendly smile and a simple hello. The staff are the bloodline of any gym and they can really make the experience a pleasure or they can have you feeling like you’d never want to return. Have a look about, see how they act when they see a new face, do they smile and say hello or do they ignore you.

2 – Location

Of course Location is important, you want it to be close to home or work. If it takes you 30-40 mins to get to your gym then this is a very easy excuse to stop you from going. Make sure it close enough that this cant be a factor in not going.

3 – Equipment

Equipment is important as this is what the gym is made up of and it’s the reason you will pay to use it. The kit should be well maintained, easy to use and allow you to work muscles in different ways.

4 – Atmosphere

HUGE part of any gym. Does it have a motivating and enjoyable atmosphere? Is the music good? Do the staff interact? If it is stale, boring and nobody talks to you then this is probably not the gym for you. Remember that you have a choice when choosing a gym.
5 – Price

You get what you pay for. Exercise is a very important part of life so invest in a good one. Invest in one that will care whether you go or not, don’t just be another number.

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